Dogs for Dads v2 - Men Make Men - Final 6.16.21 -c

Buy A dad a dog

& Support A Good CAuse!


Dads Mean Everything

Without Dad, things would have been a lot tougher. Buy your dad a dog and celebrate with us!

It's Time to Share One

Every second you spend with your dad is valuable. Show up & show your dad what he means to you, or help others share a dog with their dad!

Support a Good Cause

Everyone who shows up & enjoys a dog with their Dad is helping the NIA end the injustice created by the criminal justice system!

About Dogs for Dads.

Dogs for Dads was created by the NIA to celebrate everything that our fathers mean to us. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, dads have been by our side, and it’s time to buy them one! All proceeds from Dogs for Dads go to helping end the injustice experience from Mass Incarceration and the growing burden it places on our Society! Stop by and share a dog with your dad (and maybe a drink or two) and let them know what they truly mean to you!
If you would rather help others have a dog with their dad that’s OK too! Donate a dog for a dad today and make it a special day for all! We appreciate your support in helping us show the world what dads mean to us!

Buy a dog & Help Save our Communities!

Show a Dad he’s important & help at the same time!

There is no better way to spend the day than in the sun sharing a hotdog with dad! Show up at Dogs for Dads and give him one to remember! Plus, you’re helping the community! What else could you ask for?

How I can Help

We want you to come out and make your dad feel loved by the community! You can bring your dad and enjoy dogs, or simply donate a dog for a dad – it’s that simple!

Every Dog Counts

Whether you are eating it or donating one, every dog is appreciated!

Join the Effort

The NIA is committed to a better and brighter future, and we lovingly cherish your help & support!

Don’t Forget

This special day to show your dad how much he means doesn’t happen enough! Make sure not to forget!

Let others know

Share Dogs For Dads with your friends and family and let them know about this special occasion!

Basic Dog - $5

A Bun & Dog – You can’t go wrong with the basic setup!

Fully Loaded - $7

Load er’ up! It ain’t a dog unless its a full meal on a bun!

Round Trip - $10

Bite, Sip, & Savor. You’re in paradise and couldn’t ask for more!

Next Event Info

Show up & Snack on dogs with your favorite dad. Hotdogs, concessions, and entertainment are provided for FREE by the NIA. We look forward to seeing you there!

July 18th 11am


FREE For Everyone!

Lanier Park Rd, Buford, GA 30518

About The NIA


The National Incarceration Association was created out of a need that is profound amongst the families and loved ones of the incarcerated. The NIA will provide the necessary support that currently does not exist for our community. Our job is to assure our members (i.e. family members, loved ones and advocates) have current resources, swift action on emergency needs and a voice in the world that will not stigmatize us.


The NIA, Inc. will provide the community of families, loved ones and advocates for the incarcerated safe, reliable resources to help them during this difficult journey. We will also allow for open and honest communication free from fear for the safety of our loved ones in order to address changes that are necessary to provide them with their basic human rights.


More than 11,000,000 Americans who have served their time, even for so-called “non-violent” crimes are denied access to decent and fair housing options. Tens of thousands of them, including mothers and veterans, end up living on streets and under bridges.


Employers that give a second chance to workers with past crime records report that once shown patience, empathy and training, they are up to 14% less likely to miss work and they produce as much as 10% more worker output.


Incarceration is still big business and a huge tax bill because too many Americans are left living out acts of desperation; behavioral illness and substance addiction. Social innovation and public demand can change that.